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Robert Lopez-Hanshaw

composer and choir conductor;

practical microtonality enthusiast

You Were Fought For

SATB a capella, in Just Intonation with quarter-tone and sixth-tone voice leading (approximated by a 72-tone division of the octave). Text by Teré Fowler-Chapman.

Commissioned by Mary P. and Paul G. Koss for Camerata Sonora, and featured in the International Choral Bulletin. October 2020.

Score and all rehearsal materials available here.

vokas animo

SATB (divisi) and orchestra, in extended Just Intonation approximated by a 72-tone division of the octave.

Commissioned and premiered by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Jose Luis Gomez, musical director. January 2020.

Tacciono i boschi e i fiumi

SATB divisi, a capella, with soprano solo. Suitable for advanced ensembles.

Commissioned and premiered by the Arizona Repertory Singers under the direction of Dr. Tom Lerew, April 2016.



Robert Lopez-Hanshaw (b. 1988) is a Tucson, Arizona-based composer, researcher, and choral conductor. His music has been described as “exceptionally dramatic” (Sun News Tucson), “an important contribution” (Green Valley News), with “deep meaning behind… interesting arrangements” (Arizona Daily Star). His research on teaching microtonal choral music has been called “pragmatic” and “effective” (I Care If You Listen).

Lopez-Hanshaw’s music has been performed by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, University of Arizona Symphonic Choir, Arizona Repertory Singers, Sons of Orpheus Men’s Chorus, Tucson Arizona Boys’ Chorus, and others. Each year, he composes a new piece for the Tucson Girls’ Chorus.

Lopez-Hanshaw’s research interests include microtonal performance practice, especially choral; the convergent evolution of similar musical structures in different cultures; and an approach to the development of musical pitch systems through the lens of Evolutionary Phonology. He is the editor of the book Practical Microtones (forthcoming in 2021), a guide to microtonal composition and compilation of fingerings in a 72-tone equal division of the octave for all standard Western instruments. His articles have been published into Spanish, French and German, and can be found in the International Choral Bulletin, the University of Pittsburgh Microtonal Music Archive, I Care If You Listen, NewMusicBox, and others.

In 2017, Lopez-Hanshaw founded the chamber ensemble Camerata Sonora, which focuses on audience-involved performances of unusual or under-performed repertoire. He is a Guest Composer in Residence for the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra. In addition to Camerata Sonora, he currently conducts the University of Arizona Faculty-Staff Choir and the Tucson chapter of HaZamir International Jewish Teen Choir.

List of Works

and your name is light (2006-07) - 5' - orchestra

Piano Sketch #1 (2007) - 4' - solo piano

breathing / dance among these glowing coals (2007) - 7' (2 mvt) - solo 7-string guitar

In Second Grade Miss Lee I Promised Never To Forget You And I Never Did (2008) - 4' - high voice, piano

The Rune of St Patrick (2009) - 3' - SATB chorus, small folk ensemble

Light of the World (2010) - 4' - SATB chorus, piano, bell choir

Instrument of Peace (2013) - 5' - SATB chorus, piano, English horn

Oseh Shalom (2013) - 1' - TTB trio (arr. 2018 for SATB chorus and piano)

Sim Shalom (2013) - 2' - voice, guitar

Tacciono i boschi e i fiumi (2015) - 5' - SATB chorus, divisi

Candelas, llameen (2016) - 3' - SSAA chorus

S'vivon B'sheva (2016) - 3' - SSAA chorus

Yigdal (2017) - 2' - SATB hymn arrangement

A Bird, came down the Walk (2017) - 2' - SA treble chorus, piano

i carry your heart with me (2017) - 3' - SATB chorus (optional divisi)

Tone Poem #2: Lydia and Bayat (2017) - 5' - orchestra

One Clover, and a Bee (2018) - 2' - SA treble chorus, piano

Fantazio (2018) - 3.5' - solo violin

Melodia Subtilior I (2018) - 2' - solo soprano or alto saxophone, piano

Colorations II (2018) - 4' - SATB chorus, saxophone quartet

Chanukah Cantata (2018) - 50' (18 mvt) - SATB chorus, orchestra, soloists

vokas animo (2019) - 10' - SATB chorus, orchestra

Melodia Subtilior II (2020) - 3' - solo soprano saxophone, piano

You Were Fought For (2020) - 5' - SATB chorus a capella


Tucson, AZ, USA

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