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Composer of Very Serious Music

Tacciono i boschi e i fiumi

SATB divisi, a capella, with soprano solo. Suitable for advanced ensembles.

Commissioned and premiered by the Arizona Repertory Singers under the direction of Dr. Tom Lerew, April 2016.


For solo violin.

Premiered by Rachel Saul, violinist for the Hawai'i Symphony Orchestra, at Temple Emanu-El in Tucson, AZ. April 2018.

The Rune of St. Patrick

SATB (soprano soli, optional divisi) and instrumental ensemble (optional piano substitution). Suitable for intermediate HS level and above.

Commissioned and premiered by the University of Arizona Symphonic Choir, conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Schauer, April 2009.


Robert Lopez-Hanshaw is a composer, choir conductor, and metalworker from Tucson, Arizona.

Lopez-Hanshaw's style ranges from tonal/modal to pandiatonic to atonal, unified by a commitment to beauty and to melody.

His teachers have included Daniel Asia, Craig Walsh, Pamela Decker, Roshanne Etezady, and Dan Coleman.

He is also currently developing a microtonal vocabulary that functions as an extension to the Western understanding of consonance and dissonance, rather than a "xenharmonic" opposition to it. This is influenced both by theorists on just intonation and spectral music (Johnston, Partch, Mathieu) and by traditional systems of melody in which "microtonal" intervals are no more interesting than any other scale tones (Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Georgian, Norwegian, etc.).

His choral and instrumental works have been commissioned and performed by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, the University of Arizona Symphonic Choir, and many other community organizations and religious institutions; as well as soloists such as pianist David Syme (County Cork, Ireland), saxophonist Jeff Siegfried (Michigan) and violinist Rachel Saul (Hawai'i).

Lopez-Hanshaw is currently the Music Director at Temple Emanu-El in Tucson.


Tucson, AZ, USA

List of Works

and your name is light (2006-07) - 5' - orchestra

Piano Sketch #1 (2007) - 4' - solo piano

breathing / dance among these glowing coals (2007) - 7' (2 mvt) - solo 7-string guitar

In Second Grade Miss Lee I Promised Never To Forget You And I Never Did (2008) - 4' - high voice, piano

The Rune of St Patrick (2009) - 3' - SATB chorus, small folk ensemble

Light of the World (2010) - 4' - SATB chorus, piano, bell choir

Instrument of Peace (2013) - 5' - SATB chorus, piano, English horn

Oseh Shalom (2013) - 1' - TTB trio (arr. 2018 for SATB chorus and piano)

Sim Shalom (2013) - 2' - voice, guitar

Tacciono i boschi e i fiumi (2015) - 5' - SATB chorus, divisi

Candelas, llameen (2016) - 3' - SSAA chorus

S'vivon B'sheva (2016) - 3' - SSAA chorus

Yigdal (2017) - 2' - SATB hymn arrangement

A Bird, came down the Walk (2017) - 2' - SA treble chorus, piano

i carry your heart with me (2017) - 3' - SATB chorus (optional divisi)

Tone Poem #2: Lydia and Bayat (2017) - 5' - orchestra

One Clover, and a Bee (2018) - 2' - SA treble chorus, piano

Fantazio (2018) - 3.5' - solo violin

Melodia Subtilior I (2018) - 2' - solo soprano or alto saxophone, piano

Colorations II (2018) - 4' - SATB chorus, saxophone quartet

Chanukah Cantata (2018) - 50' (18 mvt) - SATB chorus, orchestra, cantorial soloists